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DistinctICT – IT Consultancy Geelong

ICT consulting services by Distinct ICT has proven to be a game-changing business decision for many small and medium-sized businesses. Offering a wide range of services to our clients to effectively create, manage, optimise and scale up their business ICT infrastructure in today’s competitive market.

We keep your present and future needs in mind while providing custom small business ICT support solutions.

Key Benefits Of Our Services

Our expert IT consultants spend a decent amount of time to find the most suitable services & solutions for your business needs. We know that it is not easy to research solutions, implement the latest technologies, and fix IT-related problems. During our years of service, we have learned how to solve complicated technical problems and endeavour to provide world class service.

At DistinctICT, our certified and experienced professionals help small to large-scale companies make calculated and correct decision which will help their businesses to excel. Our infrastructure and cloud consulting services will put you on the right path in stressful cloud computing situations.

Security is the major concern for small, medium and large scales companies due to prevalent hacking, identity theft, and other threats posed by cybercriminals. We will identify and remove vulnerabilities in your IT infrastructure. We provide a complete security solution which includes firewall, intrusion detection system and other advanced security features. We keep your security system up-to-date to provide the best protection against a wide range of cyber threats.

Using our expertise and years of experience to deliver real-world support and solutions to your business. From the evaluation of your infrastructure to the integration of secure and high-performance solutions, DistinctICT takes the best care of your infrastructure. We formulate strategies and manage complexities to improve the performance of your complete IT network.

DistinctICT helps your business to grow with the best hardware and software solutions to run your businesses efficiently.

Our key objective of our exemplary IT advisory services is to create value for your organisation and protect your organisation from a wide range of cyber threats while you focus on the core objective of your business. We have earned the reputation as the best IT Consultant company in Geelong, Ballart, Melbourne and surrounding areas. Providing affordable yet all-inclusive consultation for the fast and sustainable growth of your business. Over the years, we have worked with some of the most recognised businesses.